Pickleball Advisory Committee Report on 2018-12-01

We had the first meeting of the advisory committee that you voted for earlier this fall (Al Royal, Bob Hoffman, Chip Lynch, Don Houston, Donna Lynch, Ken Lacey and Tammy Magstadt). As a result of this meeting, we are moving forward with the following policies and procedures:

1.      A white board set up for rotating players will be used starting this Sunday. There is a signup area to put your name to give you a rotation to play in the order you come. More explanation will be given Sunday.

2.      Please use courtesy when coming off the court, and donít go on anotherís area where people are playing. This includes staying out of the way behind the courts towards the bleachers.

3.      Regarding the incidence of stray balls interfering with play on another court:

a.      The players who lost the ball will shout ďBALL!Ē to alert the affected players to the hazardous situation, and play on that court will cease.

b.      The players who lost the ball have a responsibility to retrieve the ball and if possible, prevent the ball from interfering with play on another court.

c.       The player who captures the errant ball has a responsibility to see to it that the ball gets returned to an individual on the court that lost the ball. Make eye contact with the player you intend to return the ball to before sending it back. Donít just swat it away.

4.      Hours of play are going to now be designated as Recreational or Competitive Play.